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J'ADORE is created to inspire us with the beauty & adoration of our indwelling spirit that lives, breathes, & moves through us. It celebrates the essence of Universal Love that uplifts, heals and inspires us with Radiance and Grace.

"From all your music, I think J'Adore is my favorite. I play it over and over, because it speaks to my soul as no other music has. I have all of your Cd's and always look forward to a new release, because I know they just keep better and better. Nice music for reflection, meditation, etc. etc, etc. As your CD tray card for J'Adore says "Let it touch your life to rekindle the flame of immortal love and beauty that beats your heart and breathes through you in divine remembrance of who you truly are". I couldn't have said it better myself. It truly does touch me and move through my entire being, caressing and healing every part of me. I can't wait for another release or pre-release. Please keep me on your mailing list, and anything you do...I want to know about it! Your music is a part of every fiber in my body and soul...very healing!!! 
Love & Blessings, Doris Walker

"Personally, I think the music on this CD is somewhat of a departure for Aeoliah. Although very beautiful, it certainly is not like his other more ambient offerings. J'Adore almost comes across as if Aeoliah has been influenced by the melodic structures of Yanni's music, and the harp techniques of Andreas Vollenweider. Nonetheless, the whole CD still exudes the essence of Aeoliah. Subtitled a s " music to adore your spirit", it's a moving voyage of music that transcends time and space, drawing us th rough the Spanish-like guitar music of Dancing Spirit and Te Amo especially, to soft strains of Immortal Love all joined together with a recurring leitmovtiv that gives us a deja-vu feel to the music. Overall, a delightful change of pace for a very talented musician."
Reviewed by Michael Woodhead in SYNCHRONICITY: The Magazine Dec 2003/Jan 2004

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