Angel Love II
Angel Love II

"Your music is a blessing, you are a God-send and an earth angel. Your music has touched my soul deeply, either AngelLove or AngelLove II are almost always running in my CD player. Nothing better to unwind after a hectic day then with your music. When friends come over to my flat and they are unhappy somehow, I always put in AngelLove and they get calm just in a matter of seconds. Everyone keeps asking what beautiful music this is. So you saved me long hours of Christmas shopping, I bought them all AngelLove :-)

I really love AngelLove II but for some reason AngelLove fascinates me even more. I first listened to AngelLove during a healing seminar, my teacher used your music as a background for his meditations. Since then I craved to purchase your CD and even asked in a manifestation ceremony to get your CD quickly in Germany. You guessed it, a few days later after I got back home I found it and I was soooo thrilled :-)))

I love your cover from AngelLove, the energy that comes out of the hands is beautifully illustrated as the energy truly comes out now also from my hands after I have been attuned with saviours fire (saviours fire = pure angel energy from the Elohim, the energy which was channelled by Jesus when he healed peo ple while being on earth).

So, thank you soooo much for being such a magnificent man to compose such heavenly songs :-)

You brought so much joy and happiness into my life and I couldn't and wouldn't want to live without your music. Thank you :-) 

God bless you! AngelHugs and Fairy Blessings, Sabine

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